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Internet Baccarat

Play Baccarat now at William Hill Casino!

Internet baccarat takes the unnecessary ceremony out of a compelling game, allowing players to focus on the action and play at a much faster pace than is possible at a live venue. The attraction of baccarat is its simplicity and speed, which is why it is logical to choose Internet baccarat over live baccarat play.
The Basics of Baccarat

Punto banco is the variety of baccarat played online, the form that is played against the bank. This is the most common type of baccarat, and it is unlike the game made famous by James Bond novels. In punto banco Internet baccarat, players choose whether to bet on the player position, the banker position, or on a tie. Each position has its own rules to follow on how the cards are drawn, and each has its own payout. Internet baccarat makes placing bets simple, as players can simply click on the position they wish to bet on. Winnings are automatically credited upon completion of a hand.
The Draw in Baccarat

While live baccarat has many traditions associated with the draw, these are happily dispensed with in Internet baccarat, to improve the pace of play. It is not necessary to know the rules of the draw, but knowledge of these rules can add to your enjoyment of the game.

In Internet baccarat, once the player has placed a bet, the deal button is pressed. Each position is then dealt its two starting cards, and further draws are determined from there. The goal of baccarat is to draw the highest point value, but tens digits are ignored. This means that a hand of Ace/Queen is worth zero, while a hand of 8/7 is worth 5 instead of 15. A 9-point hand is the highest possible in baccarat, and any time the initial draw produces a hand of 8 or 9 points, no further drawing is allowed to either the player hand or banker hand.

If the player hand is 5 or less, then a third card is drawn to that position. If not, the player hand stands at its current total. The banker hand will then draw or stand depending on the action that the player hand had to take. If the player did not draw, then the banker hand only draws if its total is 5 or less. If the player hand drew a card, then the banker acts depending on the card that was drawn to the player hand and depending on the current banker score, as follows:

A banker score of 7 stands regardless of the player hand action
A banker score of 6 stands on anything other than a player draw of 6 or 7
A banker score of 5 stands on anything other than a player draw of 4 to 7
A banker score of 4 hits on anything other than a player draw of 0, 1, 8, or 9
A banker score of 3 hits on anything other than a player draw of 8
A banker score of 2 or less hits if the player draws

In Internet baccarat, this is all quickly determined in order to resolve the hand in the shortest possible time. Live baccarat has to be slower due to the limitations of live dealers.
Baccarat Resolution

Once all action on hands has been concluded, the scores of the player and banker are compared. Bets on the position with the higher score win, but in the event of a tie, bets are returned or else ride into the next round, depending on the casino. Also, bets on the tie outcome usually pay at 8 to 1 if the casino is offering the tie bet. The player position pays even money on a win, while the banker position pays even money minus a 5% commission, or else 19 to 20 odds. In internet casinos, every win is automatically calculated and paid immediately, so you can play the next hand within seconds after resolving the previous one.
Internet Baccarat Strategy

The strategy for Internet baccarat is to bet on the banker position and look for rare opportunities when an online casino might offer a lower commission on the bet. While the casual observer might think that the banker bet is the worse proposition, it actually has the best chance of winning due to the uneven drawing rules of baccarat. The house edge for the banker bet in Internet baccarat is 1.01% at a 5% commission, and any reduction in commission substantially lowers this. Betting on the banker position is always the best strategy, and Internet baccarat has the advantage of allowing for incredibly low minimum bets compared to those available in live casinos, while simultaneously offering very large maximum bets to appeal to high rollers.

Be sure to visit our pages dedicated to reviews of the best Internet casinos if you would like to find a great online venue where you can play Internet baccarat.
Recommended Internet Baccarat Casinos
Casino Can you play in £ at this casino? What is the bonus offered? Can this bonus be earned playing Baccarat? Is Live Baccarat offered? Is multiplayer Baccarat offered? Get Started
Yes £5500 No Yes Yes

Golden Palace, currently the best-known online casino in the world, enables you to enjoy the speedy thrills of internet baccarat on the comfort of your own home. This outstanding internet gaming venue offers classic online baccarat as well as a progressive game of baccarat – as well as a special treat for all die-hard baccarat fans: Live Internet Baccarat. The Live Dealer section at Golden Palace Casino includes Internet Baccarat, Mini Live Baccarat and Progressive Live Baccarat; designed to bring the style of this popular table game straight to your doorstep.
Yes £66 Free Yes No No

Always careful to cover all bases, William Hill online casino has wholeheartedly embraced the trend of internet baccarat to keep their valued clients entertained. Aside from the standard version of online baccarat, you can chose to go after great jackpots in William Hill’s progressive internet baccarat; or re-create the magic of Las Vegas by entering into a game of Live Online Baccarat, being serviced by a life agent dealer in the company of like-minded internet baccarat fans.
Yes £700 Yes No No

If you are looking for some straight-forward, no nonsense internet baccarat, UK Casino Club has just what you need. With exactly one version of online baccarat, this clear-cut internet casino relieves you of complicating choices and plunges you straight into the internet action. The elegantly designed internet baccarat at UK Casino Club is the perfect option for players new to this amazing game and keen to get a good idea of strategy and rules.
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